As I said in a previous article, black mold may appear in any poor ventilated area of your house, and the freezer is another place where it likes to develop.

Being known for the health hazards it may cause, black mold will rapidly spread if you don’t take action in removing it quickly. And growing in the freezer, well, it must be stopped immediately.

Must know, that black mold won’t require special chemical treatments to make it disappear. You will only need some household ingredients that will banish any mold spore immediately.

You need:

– white vinegar
– spray bottle
– paper towels

The first step is to turn off the freezer and to remove its components. Check once every 30 minutes to see if any water has pooled on the freezer door.

Now, pour white vinegar into a spray bottle and start spraying over the moldy freezer, and let it sit for 20 minutes. During this time, the vinegar will have time to kill any mold spore, making it easier to be removed.

At the end, wipe every inch of the freezer with paper towels, and throw them immediately in a trash bag. Don’t forget to ventilate well the room by leaving a window wide-open.

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