Chrome is a soft material which is frequently used nowadays for a wide variety of products such as, faucets, pots, bumpers, chrome rims, and so on. Most of the time, due to its softness, chrome is frequently used with another ally, so, don’t be too proud about your chrome rims, because there is actually a thin layer of chrome.
Although, chrome is a durable metal and it lasts for years, it won’t last too long until it will get dirty, and you will have to clean it frequently.

In this concern, you have to know how to clean chrome properly, because improper cleaning may remove chrome accidently. And if we are talking about your amazing chrome rims, you will be pissed-off!
So, I found out from specialists how to clean chrome easily without remove it!

You need:

– some dish soap
– warm water
– vinegar
– coke
– tin foil

How it’s done?

Main step in cleaning chrome, and the easiest way, in specialist’s opinion is to use soapy water. Just mix a cup of dish soap in 1-2 liters of water, shake it with your hand until foam appears, and then soak a cloth in it and start wiping the chrome rims or other chrome object with it.

In case dirt is stubborn and doesn’t want to be removed, bring the heavy arms in, meaning vinegar or coke! Given their acidic properties it will cut the dirt off your chrome objects.
Anyhow, if you choose using coke, you have to clean it again with soapy water because a sticky film will remain on the surface.

The last cleaning tarnish or rusty chrome hack is the exquisite use of tin foil. Just take a piece of tin foil, dip in vinegar, crumple it a bit, and then start rubbing the rusty or tarnished chrome surface with it. Make sure you keep the tin foil always wet.

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