Do you use aspirin when you’re doing the laundry? It may sound strange, and actually it is, but this method has incredible benefits for your clothes and does amazing things. Below you’ll find the reason why you should add aspirin every time you wash your clothes.

Aspirin is used only for whites, because it helps to remove stains, and it also maintains the white to your whites.
Just adding an aspirin in the washing machine, you don’t have to worry that your white clothes will lose their spark over time. The white will remain intact for a long time.

How to proceed?

To bring back white to your laundry, just dissolve 5 aspirin tables in 7 liters of water, and soak the clothes in this solution. Let them stay in this solution overnight. The next morning, just wash the laundry in the washing machine like usual, and add another 2-3 aspirin tablets in the washing machine.

You will be amazed by the result! Definitely worth trying!

Image Credits: Surfexcel

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