I always compare the cleaning process of a steam iron with the process of de-greasing the oven. Both require a lot of time and work, only that one is full of mold and the other with grease. Overall, no one enjoys cleaning, no matter the appliance you choose to clean, but you have to do it!

Anyhow, removing mold from a stream iron reservoir may seem hard, but, actually is the easiest cleaning task. Mold can be easily eradicated with vinegar. Plain and simple, if you follow the next steps:

You need:

– distilled water
– vinegar

Cleaning process:

  • Remove any existing water in the reservoir, but it’s advisable to do this outside, because mold spores can spread in your home, and no one wants to grow mold indoors.
  • Now, mix equal parts of vinegar and distilled water, and fill the water reservoir with it. Place the iron upright, turn it on, and let it like this for 4 minutes. Vinegar will pass through the vents as vapors and will kill mold inside.
  • The next part is to let the iron cool, and then drain the liquid. Fill the water reservoir with distilled water, place it upright and turn the steam for about five more minutes. The water steams will rinse the vinegar from the iron, leaving you with a clean reservoir. Now, drain the iron once more, and it’s ready!
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