The kitchen sink clogs very easily due to grease and food scraps. Plus, sometimes coffee grounds or bread crumbs contribute to clogging the sink, that’s why it’s indicated to throw them at the trash bin. But you can prepare the easiest natural solution to unclog your kitchen sink with some products that are in your pantry.

The below solution will trigger a weak effervescent solution that will clean the fat deposits on the pipes.

You need:

– salt
– baking soda
– vinegar
– 2 liters of hot water

Use about 50 grams of salt and 50 grams of baking soda. Combine these 2 ingredients and pour them on the drain.
Put a cup of vinegar in the microwave to heat a bit, and then pour the vinegar gradually in the drain. And the effervescent reaction will appear.

Then pour over the drain 2 liters of hot water gradually to wash the deposits well and the sink will be functional again.

Image Credits: Youtube

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