Stains on textiles, animal odor or mold can be real challenges in house. Here are a few tips that will make your life easier!

1. Eucalyptus oil helps remove remaining glue on glass or plastic labels.

2. Cloves essence (beneficial to treat toothache) is useful to get rid of mold in the house. Add three drops of essence in a liter of water and with a clean cloth wipe the affected area. You can buy clove essence from pharmacies.

3. Have you moved or changed a piece of furniture place in the house which left marks on the carpet? You can blur it using an iron. Put a cotton cloth, clean the affected area with the help of hot iron, but without pressing. Warmth will “raise” fibers. Please note! Do not use this method on rugs / carpets made from synthetic material.

4. You have stained your silk blouse with oil? You can remove stains using cornmeal! Add a little cornmeal on the affected area and rub gently to not destroy blouse. Add cornmeal both under and over the stain and let it work for a few hours or overnight. Flick cornmeal and then wash your blouse normally.

5. Pollen has fallen over carpets or clothes? Do not try to remove it by hand. You can remove pollen using an adhesive tape.

6. Blood stains on fabrics can be easily removed with the aid of hydrogen peroxide known as oxygenated water. Apply water directly on the stain and put the material on washing machine.

7. Does it happen that the iron to stain and leave traces on clothes? Put a clean cloth on the table and sprinkle salt over it. Then iron the cloth normally and stains will disappear from the iron.

8. To clean the microwave, add in a bowl four teaspoons of lemon juice and one cup of water. Let it boil for five minutes so steam to settle on the oven walls. Then clean with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the oven.

9. To remove pet hair from furniture or clothes, rub the surface with rubber gloves.

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