The other days, one of my colleagues was bragging about her ruined clothing. The reason? An old and rusty washing machine!

I know, an old washing machine can be very frustrating, but, honestly, they are still the best when it comes to laundry cleaning! A 25 year old, still functional, Bosch washing machine will leave your laundry completely clean, while a 2019th Mielle will come out on the second place.

Anyhow, a rusty washing machine can cause serious problems to your laundry such as leaving rust stains on your clothing which will be kind of hard to remove.

So, to prevent this from happening, you can easily try to prevent it by using the next solution:

You need:

– 2 cups of lemon juice or vinegar (you choose)

The acid found in lemon juice and vinegar will help a lot in dissolving any rust stain. You must take advantage of this chemical reaction which is produced between the lemon juice and rust (iron oxide) to clean your washing machine.

Simply, you just have to pour 2 cups of lemon juice in the washer and run a complete washing cycle.
This solution must work!

In case if your laundry still has rusty stains on them, well, the problem must be at the pipes. You have to call for a plumber to solve the rusty problem!

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