Due to moisture, warmth, and food, it’s almost impossible to not have mold problems. These are even more serious when the mold grows on wood flooring. It is a tedious workaround, but you can do it. And this article could help you even more. Keep reading and see my step by step guide to remove mold stains out of wood floors.

1. Equipment is a must

First of all, gear up appropriately. When you are working around the mold, you need gloves and safety glasses. This is even more necessary if you are working with strong solutions for removal. For deeper mold removal, use a mask or P-100 respirator in addition to gloves and safety glasses.

2. Dry the mold from floor using room heaters or fans

Before you begin to physically remove the mold, all of the moisture in the wood needs to be eliminated. Set a large fan in the room with the mold, and direct the blowing air towards the moldy floor.

3. Remove the top layers of mold

Now you got to the heavy work part. Using a 100 grit sandpaper or a metal hand scraper, remove as much mold as you can. If the mold has penetrated deeply into wooden floor, you need to use a more heavy-duty scraping tool, such as a metal utensil to scrape away the mold.

4. Select the proper mold and mildew cleaner

Get rid of the mold out of wood floors with a cleaner designed for urethane finishes. You could also use a chlorine bleach solution, mixed with a water, a ratio of 10:1. Thus, spray the diluted bleach onto the moldy area and let it sit for several minutes. Then use an old rag to wipe up the bleach solution. This will kill any live mold before it spreads.

5. Apply a wood and a polyurethane finish

Once you have removed all the mold, you’ll need to apply a finish to the wood flooring. Try to find a wood finish that will cover up the mold stain and restore the coloring of your wood floor. For added protection against moisture in the future, apply a polyurethane finish to the wood.

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