It’s well-known that calcium and magnesium in water leave hard deposits called lime scale, making almost any cleaning product less effective. Well, not every product, because I managed in removing lime scale effectively from the chrome faucets, but when it comes to other type of alloy, such as bronze, you may find yourself in a big dilemma.

If we think acid when we want to remove hard water deposits on chrome faucets, alkaline is the main word when it comes to bronze faucets cleaning – one way or another, the bright surface of bronze must be kept. Otherwise, you may risk ruining the finish.

So, keep in mind the following information if you are the owner of bronze faucets.

You need:

– 1 tablespoon of salt
– warm water
– soft bristle brush

Fill half a bowl with warm water and add the salt. Mix well the solution for the salt to dissolve.
Now, dip the brush into the saline solution and rub thoroughly the stained surface on the bronze faucet.

Remember! You have to dip the brush periodically in the saline solution to maintain the saturation during the stain removing process.

Brush every inch of the bronze faucet, including the handles to remove any lime buildup.
At the end, wipe the faucet with a clean cotton cloth to dry the surface.

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