Rust stains are a real problem when it starts ruining your home and other items, such as kitchen sink, pipes, bathtub, and so on. And this rusty problem is very annoying for many housewives because rust stains are very hard to remove in certain situations.

If you want to get rid of the rust in the house or from any other object in the house, you need to know that there are several solutions that you can easily use, without the need of a plumber’s help or to replace the rusted objects.

How to get rid of rust? Very simple:

Borax with lemon juice
To get rid of unsightly traces of rust on the bathtub or sink, it’s enough to prepare a lemon juice paste mixed with borax! After you rub the damaged areas, your bathtub and sink will be shiny as new!

Baking soda
Baking soda is your ally in many “unsolving” situations around your house. And in the case of rusty objects is a tremendous help!

How to proceed?
Mix some warm water with baking soda to from a paste, and apply it on rusty areas. Let it act for 20 minutes, and then rub with a brush.

Sparkling water
Yeah, you heard well, sparkling water! If your toilet bowl shows slight rust in areas where water is flushed, pour sparkling water over these surfaces, and repeat the action a few times! It’s a simple trick and extremely effective.

Lime or lemon with salt
Sprinkle salt on the affected rust areas, and then squeeze over the juice from a lime or lemon. Let it act for a few hours then rub the entire surface with the lemon peel. Avoid using too abrasive objects, such as brushes because they can enhance corrosion.

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