Because of the daily use, the frying pans, teapots and kettles gather a layer of burnt-on grease quite rapidly.

To remove this dirt, we usually choose the most powerful detergent in the market, but these products also contain many dangerous chemicals that can cause skin burns or allergies. Fortunately, you can replace them with fast and surprisingly effective natural methods. Here are the most effective ones:

How to remove grease on pans:

• Peel a medium size potato. Cut it in half and apply baking soda over one of the halves.

• Rub the pan with the potato piece.

• Although the method involves effort, the results are excellent.

• In order to degrease very dirty pans, repeat the process by replacing the potato slice.

How to remove burn-on grease from frying pans and pots:

• Put 4-5 tablespoons of baking soda in the pan and then pour the water.

• Put the pan over medium heat and let the water boil for 30-50 minutes.

• Wipe the pan with a cloth.

This method does not involve effort but it takes time. It is, in turn, the most effective way to remove burnt-on grease on pans and pots.

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