A microfiber upholstery is sometimes more affordable than leather or suede furniture. Although it is fairly inexpensive, it can be a real struggle to clean. Thus, you need to know the best cleaning option. You’re in luck since this article will give you a quick and effective guide to clean microfiber upholstered chairs.

Step 1. Read the cleaning instructions carefully

Before taking any course of action, you need to read the cleaning instructions carefully. These may indicate that you can clean the microfiber using water. However, when there is no tag, things get harder when it comes to cleaning. This article is for you if you’re confused and don’t know what to do. Keep reading!

Step 2. Start with vacuuming

Vacuum any food crumbs, dirt particles, or dust from your microfiber upholstered chairs. This is necessary before you actually start cleaning it because you do not want crumbs into the fabric. You will get the best results using a brush or hand-held vacuum.

Step 3. Test the fabric

Before proceeding further, test the fabric. You will be using rubbing alcohol so this should not leave a mark on microfiber. Thus, testing it on a small patch is safer before applying rubbing alcohol to the entire item. For example, if you are cleaning a microfiber upholstered chairs, test a small surface on the back that is not visible.

Step 4. Attack with a spray bottle with alcohol

Pour approximately half a cup of rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle. The amount of alcohol you need will vary depending on the size of the item you are cleaning and the number of stains present on the material.

Step 5. Spray it

In order to clean the microfiber upholstered chairs, spray all over with rubbing alcohol until moist.

Step 6. Rub the area with a sponge

Now, if the material is moist with rubbing alcohol, use a natural sponge to rub the sprayed area.

Step 7. Allow it to dry

Once you have rubbed the fabric, allow it to dry for 20-30 minutes. The rubbing alcohol will dry quite quickly. If you cannot wait that long, you could alternatively speed up the drying process with a blow dryer. You’re done when the material is dry to the touch.

Step 8. Brush it off

Now, after cleaning the material, you may need to brush the rubbing alcohol’s stiffness off. The bristles will help to fluff the fabric, leaving it soft to the touch.

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