The microwave can be cleaned fast and easy if you use the next cheap tricks.
I use natural remedies to clean all my kitchen appliances, because those toxic chemicals can get very easily into food, and it can be very dangerous for my family. So, cleaning the microwave with natural remedies seems a lot easier and very cheap.

Lemon water, effective in the microwave
Fill a bowl of water and squeeze 1 lemon in the water, and then add the squeezed peels into the water. Put the bowl in the oven, set it at maximum temperature and let it run for 3 minutes.

The steam will soften the grease and the stains on the oven walls. The hot water can be used to clean that hard-to-remove food debris, using a dish sponge.

Instead of lemon, you can use vinegar or apple vinegar. Vinegar acidic vapors will dissolve the grease deposits even better than lemon.

For dry food debris, use baking soda
Dissolve 2 tablespoons of baking soda with lemon juice to obtain a homogeneous paste. Using a sponge, apply this paste over the hardened food residues and wait for a few minutes to soften, and then remove it.

Image Credits: Bonami

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