Wooden cutting boards, especially the bamboo ones, are the best choice for your kitchen, because they are friendly with knife blades. But you must keep in mind an important thing: bacteria. Wooden cutting boards can be covered with harmful bacteria and can also develop a really gross smell. And the worst smell of them all is the garlic smell. Every time we chop garlic on the cutting board the garlic odor will get deep into the wood fiber lingering there for days, even if you washed it thoroughly with dish soap.

Anyhow, removing any odor from the wooden cutting board, especially garlic odor, will require some special and at the same ordinary tricks.

So, you need:

– fresh potato or apple

Well, you just have to cut the potato or apple in half, and then start to rub the wooden cutting board surface with it. Take the other half and start rubbing the other surface of the cutting board with it. Let it act for 10 minutes. This way, the pasteurization process will inactivate the enzymes removing any unpleasant odor.

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