Any housewife knows how hard the smell of fried food gets out of the house. If you just cooked schnitzels, dumplings or fried potatoes and bacon, you know what I mean. See how the smell of fried food gets out of the house quickly and efficiently.

The magic vinegar can get rid of the smell of frying
Put a water pot to boil and pour in some vinegar. Let it boil until the vapors fill the whole kitchen, then ventilate.

If the smell of frying is still there, soak a kitchen towel in vinegar, flutter the cloth all over the room and then open the window.

Aromatic spices combat the smell of frying
The smell of meatballs is stubborn, and if you fry fish, you have no chance to get rid of it until your guests arrive.

Boil water in a pot with some spices with strong flavors such as lemon or orange peel, cinnamon, cloves and ginger.

Leave the kitchen to fill with the smells of winter holidays and you would not even notice that frying has evaporated.

Clean after you cook
Nothing gets out the smell of frying from the house better than cleanliness and ventilation of the room.

After you have finished frying foods, clean the stove, dishes in which you have kept food, wash the cloths, rinse the dish sponge and do not forget about the drain from the sink.

Do not forget to open the windows after you have finished cooking and if you have a vent open it to get rid the smoke and the smell of frying.

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