Toilet bowl gathers many germs and dirt, a place where putrefaction bacteria, fungi and lime water combine disastrously. See how to properly wash and disinfect the toilet in 3 minutes.

Because it is not a very clean and fragrant area, you really need gloves to clean the toilet.

If you do not already use a special detergent for bathroom, you can use any detergent and you can replace disinfectants with vinegar, which acts against limestone deposited inside the vessel.

If you want to properly clean and remove dirt from the toilet, it is best to start from the top down. Apply the cleaner with a spray bottle, and leave it to act.

If you apply your own mixture, do not let more than 10 minutes, because this time is enough to soften the dirt accumulated on the toilet sides and edges

After wiping thoroughly the outer parts (toilet lid, toilet seat, etc) with a paper towel or cotton cloth, use a toilet brush for the inside. Rub well the area beneath the edges of the bowl and flush several times to rinse well accumulations of dirt and bacteria.

Finally, spray a disinfectant or vinegar and leave it for 5-10 minute, then rub the edges with a small brush or even a toothbrush. Limestone deposits will fall and you can flush to rinse the area.

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