Gold can be very sensitive to solvents and detergents and can be difficult to wash, depending on model and assembly. See how to properly clean your gold jewelry without spoiling.

Analyze dirt degree
The first step for a clean gold jewelry is to see how deep the dust reached links and very small spaces.
If your gold jewelry is just a little dirty, you can clean easily with warm water and dishwashing detergent. Leave to soak the jewelry in a cup of warm water in which you dripped 2-3 drops of detergent.
If they are dirty for long time, jewelry should be cleaned more easily if you use carbonated mineral water, whose bubbles and acid will clean properly.
Whether they are only slightly dirty or dusty, jewelry should be soaked at least 15 minutes before you start to actually clean them.

Use a very soft toothbrush
To clean dirt lodged in the jewelry holes, use a toothbrush with very soft bristles.
If you do not have on hand a soft toothbrush, use a brow brush that you do not use. Rotate brushes clockwise and do not rub too hard, not to detach any frames and pebbles.

Glow with ammonia
After you clean gold jewelry with soap and water, you can regain their brightness with ammonia. Be careful not to overdo it and do not use ammonia every time you clean your jewelry, because gold goes blank for this substance.
Mix one part ammonia to six parts water and immerse jewelry for a minute in the solution, then rinse well and dry each piece.

Be careful with precious stones and small parts
Some complex jewelry have stones and links mounted, which are attached with glue.
If you own such jewelry, they should not ever be submerged in solutions, but cleaned with a soft moistened cloth as adhesives may not withstand and stones come loose.

Boil very dirty solid gold jewelry
If your jewelry is made only of gold and other materials do not contain stones and mounts, you can boil them to remove grease, wax or other substance gathered in time.

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