Have you ever choose the most beautiful pair of shoes that never fitted you well? Or you pick a pair that, at some point, begun to shrink?

It is not advisable to wear tight shoes, because a lot of problems can occur, but you can apply some tricks to enlarge them.

1. Preheat them

We all know from school that, exposed to heat, things dilate. Set your hair dryer on medium temperature, put some thick socks on your feet, pun your shoes on and use the hair dryer on the surface of shoes. Move your feet inside shoes, to enlarge them. Once you start to feel good in them, stay in your shoes until they cool down. Repeat the process until your shoes will fit perfectly. If the shoes are made of leather, apply special shoe cream so they do not dry out from the heat.

2. Wear them around the house

Wear your shoes that do not fit well, possibly with a sock, to widen them. Take them out when you can not stand and repeat the process until you come.

3. Rub them with alcohol

Sounds fishy, but alcohol can soften the skin shoes. Keep a cotton swab soaked in alcohol, inside shoes in uncomfortable areas, put your shoes on and walk around the house for 10 minutes. It is recommended to wear a pair of thick socks.

4. Freeze them

Water expands when it freezes, so you can benefit from this property. Fill two grocery bags with a quarter of water, and put them in your shoes that don’t fit. Then put them in the freezer. Get them when the water froze, leave shoes to “warm up” and wear them around the house. Repeat the process until they perfectly fit. Careful not to slip water in your shoes.

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