Fighting with basement mold is kind of tough, but not impossible. Of course, removing mold without relapse in an area with poor ventilation and moisture it’s basically impossible.

Anyhow, many homes provide a lot of organic materials for mold and mildew to feed on and encourage its growth, creating an unsightly mess along with an unpleasant musty smell.

But, even if you can’t win completely the fight with black basement mold, at least you can reduce its development considerably using vinegar.

You need:

– vinegar
– spray dispenser

Well, fill the spray dispenser with white vinegar, and spray all over the molded areas, such as walls, shelves, and other surfaces. Where you see mold, attack it with vinegar.

After 10 minutes, take a damp cloth or brush and start brushing the area with it. if needed, apply more vinegar.

Important! Before spraying any drop of vinegar, make sure that you’ve removed any molded item out of the basement. Also, porous items such as cardboard or paper must be taken out.

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