Getting your ceramic tile countertops dirt, stains, and bacteria free is truly a difficult task. These germs could ruin your kitchen or bathroom by making it insanely unsanitary. Thus, check out this article to get your ceramic tile countertops spotless. Also, use natural remedies to properly clean the grout to keep counters beautiful and germ-free.

The grout could gather nasty bacteria and microorganisms because it is a porous material. Thus, your kitchen counter gets unsafe for preparing healthy food. You should wipe you’re your countertops after every use so you can get rid of the dirt and germs and prevent staining. However, you should deep clean your countertops at least two or three times a year. Follow these tips on how to clean ceramic tile countertops.

1. Wipe off the countertop with your own prepared solution by combining one-third cup baking soda, a half cup liquid soap, a half cup water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. This will effectively remove the daily dirt.

2. You also need to start with the grout, because it will be the dirtiest part of the tile counter. Tile doesn’t stain easily but grout does. Spray the grout with a mild bleach solution. Be careful, though, wear gloves when using it.

3. For deep stains, let the solution do its magic for 10 minutes. Use a toothbrush to scrub the grout; it is where much of the dirt from daily use and, often, mildew accumulates. Start at one corner of the counter and work your way across the surface. This way, you get to clean all the grout lines. Make sure to not scrub the tile itself, you might actually scratch the tiles.

4. In the case of unglazed tile countertops, you should seal them with a commercially prepared tile sealer to protect it and make it stain-resistant.

5. In the end, rinse the counter and grout with hot water, to make it food-safe.

That’s all. An incredibly easy process that will save up a lot of your time. we know how to get the goals so follow the instructions closely, you will get to a spotless ceramic tile counterparts.

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