Orange peel contains a substance called limonene. It will save you from mosquitoes & ants. See what else you can do around the house with orange peel and how to get rid of mosquitoes this summer.

Oranges drives away mosquitoes
The essential orange peel oil contains about 95% limonene, a substance that is used to manufacture plastics and home detergents with citrus aroma.
In Florida, orange juice manufacturing industry annually produces 5 million tons of orange peel!
Although orange peel is not exploited enough, it has many practical applications in the household.
To get rid of flies, moths and mosquitoes, grate some orange peel and put on small saucers in places where flying insects come into the house.
Flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects are very sensitive to the smell of limonene, which drives them away. You’ve probably noticed that many repellent products have a citrus flavor.

Oranges also drives away ants
Neither ants do not love limonene at all. To get rid of them in the house, just mix in a blender some orange peel with some water and pour the mixture over the upsetting anthill from the yard, or sprinkle the paste on the door, where insects enter.

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