The unpleasant smell of cigarette is disturbing even for smokers and remains soaked in all corners of the house, even in rooms where there’s no smoking. However, there are solutions for this will not happen again.
Although the most effective of these would be to convince the loved ones to stop smoking, we must recognize that this could be difficult, so here are the alternatives.

Ventilate well all rooms
Nothing beats a good sleep in a room with fresh air. Although it’s difficult to stay with the window open in the middle of winter, it is imperative to vent whenever necessary, even for five minutes.

Wash curtains and change bedding weekly
Because the smell remains soaked in textiles, it’s pretty important to clean them regularly. The curtains should be washed once every two months, and bedding should be changed weekly.

Clean carpets at least once a month
Beyond vacuuming carpets, they should be cleaned often. A cheap and accessible way is to sprinkle a little baking soda on their surface and let it act an hour, and then vacuum the surface. Baking soda absorbs moisture and odor and cleans quite effective.

Freshens air with fragrant solution
In a spray bottle mix mineral water with a little lemon juice and essential oil (flavor you like). Spray this solution in a room where smoking is permitted, whenever needed.

Reuse lemon and orange peels as natural air fresheners
Put them on a plate, possibly near a radiator or other heat sources and keep them to dry. Scented oils of lemon and orange peel will evaporate into the air, leaving behind a fresh scent.

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