The deep fryer basket is the most used part of deep fryer and it must be cleaned regularly in order to clean the best food ever! Leaving the oil for too long in the fryer isn’t the best option because it will become rancid after a while which will affect your food and the fryer basket.

Cleaning the deep fryer and the basket regularly will prevent this from happening.
Although it may seem a dirty job due to the high quantity of oil, you should know that cleaning the fryer basket can be done without much struggle or effort.

Follow my below instruction and you’ll end-up with a non-greasy fryer basket.

You need:

– paper towels
– vinegar
– hot water
– plastic dish sponge
– baking soda

Cleaning process:

First, remove the fryer basket from the deep fryer, and wipe all oil surplus and food particles using paper towels.

Now, plug the sink drain and add 9 parts of hot water and 1 part of white vinegar, and then emerge the fryer basket in the vinegar solution. Let it soak for 15 minutes, and then scrub the food residue and grease from the fryer basket. From time to time, soak the plastic sponge in baking soda and start rubbing again. This way, any food residue or grease will be removed.

At the end, rinse it well under the warm water jet, and let it dry.

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