Because winter weather brings gloomy, rain and mud, now it is the time to take care more than ever for your rugs and carpeting in your home. Learn how to cleanse each spot.

Use damp coarse salt

The carpet looks dusty and colors are muted, and the look is old? Use damp coarse salt. Put in a bowl a few tablespoons of salt and sprinkle it with water. Dip a brush in salt and rub over the surface of the carpet.

Raw cabbage refreshes colors

Buy from the market a medium-sized cabbage and cut it in half. After vacuuming the carpet well, rub it with cabbage all over it, insisting on colorful patterns.

Remove wax with the iron

You stained the carpet with melted wax or chewing gum? Clean it using the iron. For starters, you can eliminate as much of the undesirable substance using a knife. Put a sheet of white paper on the affected area then and go over it with heated iron.

Use vinegar to get rid of bad smell

Food stains, drinks, sweets or mud stains can be cleaned using white vinegar. In addition to carpet remain like new, vinegar removes any trace of odor. Just vacuum the carpet and then clean the affected area with a brush dipped in vinegar.

The ink comes out with alcohol

You stained the carpet with ink? First, you should start to absorb liquid by pressing a tissue. Perform this step until the place remains dry. Pour a few drops of alcohol on the stain and rub the area with a clean brush.

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