A clean grease filter is vital to a kitchen’s air quality and fire safety. Depending on your cooking style and how often you cook, you should clean a residential range hood filter every one to three months. Enjoy the benefits of a squeaky clean grease hood filters with these tips. Keep on reading!

1. Make sure the appliance is turned off and cool

If you’re removing the grease filter from a range hood, make sure the ventilation system is off and the surface is cool to the touch. If it’s cool, any grease deposits will be hardened and easier to remove.

2. Remove the metal grease hood filters

A range hood filter might be covered by a plastic casing secured by tabs or screws. However, most filters are easy to remove and require no tools. For some models, simply tilt the filter and lower it out of place.

3. Run the filter through a dishwasher

Metal grease filters are dishwasher safe. A dishwasher is a great option if you clean your filter more than once a month or if it’s free of grease deposits. However, if it’s grimy or greasy, you should hand wash the filter to prevent grease from building up in your dishwasher.

4. Make a cleaning solution

You can choose between several cleaning solution options, depending on how dirty your filter is and what products you have on hand. The most basic solution is to fill a sink or basin with boiling water, a quarter cup (60 mL) of baking soda, and a tablespoon of degreasing dish detergent.

5. Use a degreaser for stubborn buildup

You can also use a degreasing oven cleaner if your filter is especially grimy. If you use a concentrated cleaner, make a solution by mixing it with water. Check the product’s label for a recommended ratio. Soak the filter in the cleaning solution for ten minutes. Whether you choose a baking soda solution or a degreaser, you should soak the filter for ten minutes. Soaking will help cut through grease deposits and you’ll have less scrubbing to do.

6. Scrub and rinse the grease hood filters

Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the filter. You can also use a toothbrush to get into hard to reach crevices. After scrubbing away grease and grime, rinse the filter thoroughly with hot water to remove soap suds and residue.

7. Towel and air dry the grease hood filters

After you’ve rinsed the filter, shake off excess water. Wipe it down with a clean cloth or paper towels. Let it air dry completely before reinstalling it.

8. Reinstall the metal grease filter

You can reinstall the metal filter once it’s completely dry. Slide, latch, or fasten the filter back into the appliance, depending on your model’s design. If your range hood includes a plastic cover, screw it back into place.

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