In the troubles of daily life, the bedrooms are easily disordered. Clothing, shoes, books and rubbish can accumulate and scatter around the room. The surfaces are dusted and sheets are dirty, which can interfere with your sleep. A clean room may improve your sleep. Experts say that people sleep better in a clean and fresh environment. Cleaning a dirty bedroom take only a few moments if you use your time efficiently and you concentrate on the most important tasks.

You need:
– clothes basket
– clean sheets
– damp cloth
– vacuum
– air freshener


1. Collect all the laundry and put it in a basket. If you don’t have much time, roll it up and put it in the closet until you can bend it. Hang your coats and shoes stores.

2. Make your bed with clean sheets. Cover the bed with a quilt or blanket. Put dirty sheets with your laundry and take all the laundry area.

3. Strip any food, wrappers, bottles and other debris in a bag or bin. Take out the trash and leave the dishes in the kitchen.

4. Put papers and books in order. Spend a cloth on surfaces like dressers to remove dust. If the cloth is slightly damp it will help to quickly remove dust and dirt.

5. Sweep or vacuum the floors. If you have carpet, vacuum slightly.

6. Apply air freshener in the room. A few drops of essential oil mixed with water in a spray will provide a clean, fresh scent.

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