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Homemade Windex To Clean Effectively Your Windows

If you are tired to use those toxic solutions from the market to clean your windows, you can call to natural solutions. Beside the fact that it’s a cheaper way, it won’t irritate your skin or your nasal airways. So, try to prepare your homemade Windex to clean effectively your window.

You need:

– water
– rubbing alcohol
– vinegar
– dish detergent

Add equal parts from the first 3 ingredients, and add 2 drops of dish detergent. This is the perfect combination to clean your windows, no matter how dirty they are.

Use a microfiber cloth
Put the solution in a spray bottle and use it for your kitchen cabinets, shower glass, and mirrors. But use a microfiber cloth to make these glass items to shine.

With such a cloth, you will clean any type of glass much more quickly and easily, no matter how dirty they are.
Tip: remember that it is much easier to clean the windows when it is slightly cloudy outside!

Image Credits: Andersonandgrant

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