If you are tired to use those toxic solutions from the market to clean your windows, you can call to natural solutions. Beside the fact that it’s a cheaper way, it won’t irritate your skin or your nasal airways. So, try to prepare your homemade Windex to clean effectively your window.

You need:

– water
– rubbing alcohol
– vinegar
– dish detergent

Add equal parts from the first 3 ingredients, and add 2 drops of dish detergent. This is the perfect combination to clean your windows, no matter how dirty they are.

Use a microfiber cloth
Put the solution in a spray bottle and use it for your kitchen cabinets, shower glass, and mirrors. But use a microfiber cloth to make these glass items to shine.

With such a cloth, you will clean any type of glass much more quickly and easily, no matter how dirty they are.
Tip: remember that it is much easier to clean the windows when it is slightly cloudy outside!

Image Credits: Andersonandgrant

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