Yesterday, when I got back home, I was smacked down in the face with a disgusting and stinky odor. I said: “Damn, my brother is home and this smell must come from its sneakers”! But, that wasn’t the cause! Even worse, the stinkiness was coming from my kitchen drain.

Most of the time a funny-smelling sink drain is the result of a build-up food residue, and fortunately, these smelly drains are easy to clean. Also, you if you make a habit in cleaning them you can keep it odor free.

So, the following ingredient is the best option to get rid of stinky drain odor in the kitchen:

– 4 cups of vinegar

In a small pot, heat 4 cups of vinegar until it reaches the simmering point. Let it cool for 30-60 seconds, and pour half of the quantity on the drain. Rinse it with cold water, and then pour the rest of the vinegar.

This method will remove any food debris from inside the drain which is the main source of bad odor.

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