Waterbugs or cockroaches, it doesn’t matter how you call them. You want them far, far away from your bathroom. There is nothing nastier than these little insects to crawl on your bathtub. If you want to get rid of them and keep them away, check out this straightforward guideline.

It’s time to launch the attack natural remedies. However, make sure you follow the instructions accordingly.

1. Natural pest killer – the white vinegar

This is a solution based on concentrated distilled white vinegar only. The repugnant smell will keep the waterbugs away. Moreover, the solution will also act as a natural pest killer so the chances of them coming back are pretty slim.

2. Sugar and baking soda

You could also prepare a homemade mixture using equal parts sugar and baking soda. The effect of sprinkling this solution is actually highly effective in the fight of waterbug infestations.

How does it actually work? First of all, it will attract the insects. Then, when you are spreading a lining of the mixture, the reaction will on their nasty legs, thereby killing the waterbugs.

3. Borax and boric acid – arm yourself

The borax and boric acid together is the strongest solution you can resort to. This mixture will destroy the waterbugs’ digestive tract because it has inflammatory properties. Thus, it will burn down the waterbugs residing in your bathroom. Even more, the bathtub will be treated and the eggs laid by water bugs will be destroyed by the inflammation.

4. Essential oils

This is the most effortless method. Citronella oil does not mix with water; thus, it will have an interesting effect on waterbugs. Get this! The bugs will just float on the surface of the water. Thus, you could easily hand-pick all of them. Also, you will get a reaction in the presence of heat and oil. So, with limited oxygen, you will definitely eliminate them for good.

All of these solutions are perfect to apply on the nests, drains—tub, toilet, laundry room, and dishwasher. You could also use a spray bottle but it will end up being a more tedious work. And I think you are enough stressed out to handle the effort correctly.

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