Coffee stains on porcelain mugs are hard to remove, because these stains are formed over time, and they can’t be cleaned with dish detergent. But, no matter how old are the stains, they can be easily cleaned with some natural remedies.

Coffee or black tea stains porcelain and ceramics. If you leave coffee or black tea in a cup for a whole day, guess what? The cup will be stained and you will find it difficult to remove them.

Here are 3 cheap and effective solutions that work within minutes and remove the stains.

Vinegar and beer clean the porcelain
Typically, coffee stains persist if there are stone deposits on the bottom of the cups or if there are fine cracks in the porcelain. You need to use two acid solutions that can clean the pottery or porcelain in depth.

Vinegar is a handy solution, but beer is also easily found in everyone’s fridge. You just have to fill the cups with vinegar or strong beer, and let it stand for 2-3 hours. The acid found in vinegar and beer will react and it will dissolve the stains and limescale from cups and mugs.

Baking soda cleans coffee grounds
If the brown stains are not very old, but you can’t remove them with dish detergent, just rub gently the stains with baking soda. This will dissolve the stains and will leave porcelain and ceramics shiny as new.

Image Credits: Lighthousegaragedoors

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