Rats and mice are very sensitive to smells. These 4 plants are the best mice and rats natural repellants.

Elderberry (Sambucus ebulus)

Elderberry has a deterrent effect against mice and rats, because they can’t stand its smell. The elderberry roots eliminate hydrogen cyanide. The plant is moderately toxic to mammals, so rodents will not settle in areas where elderberry grows.

People in ancient times knew about these remarkable properties of elderberry and therefore planted trees around barns and grain warehouses to repel mice and rats.


The bittersweet wormwood scent protects any garden from many pests.

To repel rats and mice, put dried wormwood in the basement of your house or in places where you notice the presence of these nasty rodents.

Wild mint

Properly died mint and the peppermint tincture keep away rats and mice. Rodents will not spoil your products if you put a small bunch of mint leaves near them. If you planted mint bushes around the house, mice and rats will bypass your house.


In the warm summer days when various flavors of herbs harmoniously mix, the intense smell of tansy stands out – it clearly smells of camphor.

Mice and rats don’t stand the smell of tansy. Therefore, it is recommended to put some tansy bunches everywhere – not only in the home but also in the basement.


Chamomile scent is a pleasant one, but not for mice and rats. Therefore, experienced housewives use chamomile to get rid of rodents. Place chamomile flowers on the floor in the house but keep the dried bouquets in barns and warehouses.

Image Credits: Good Housekeeping

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