Moths can get in any room of the house. Moth eggs that reach your food jeopardize your health, so we recommend getting rid of moths as soon as they get inside your pantry.

Also known as food moths or pantry moths, these insects can infest the food stored in your kitchen cabinets. Accidental ingestion of moth eggs or larvae can cause gastroenteritis or other diseases of the digestive system.

Find out how to get rid of pantry moths safely and permanently.

1. Vacuum the kitchen cabinets

Remove everything from cabinets, leaving the spaces completely empty. Vacuum any cracks and corners.

2. Wipe the shelves

Rub each hidden corner of cupboards and shelves with a cloth soaked in warm water and detergent. Subsequently, spray the shelves with white vinegar and wipe everything.

You can also use a homemade solution made of four parts water and one part bleach, but you must be very cautious if you use this solution. Bleach is toxic when consumed, making it a particularly dangerous chemical if used around food storage area. After you wipe the shelves, make sure you wipe all traces of bleach using a cloth soaked in water.

3. Source identification

Apparently, all the moth larvae came from a particular package. Identify this package by examining carefully each product that you remove from the pantry. Once found, the package must be placed in a plastic bag, sealed and thrown away.

4. Separate the products that may be potential hiding places

Rice and other grain products, flour, tea, nuts, are potential sources for pantry moths. It is very important that each of them to be packed in sealed plastic bags.

5. Clean the food containers

Wash each jar, pot and container with hot water and dishwashing detergent. Then rinse them with vinegar.

It is important to follow these additional precautions because even one single moth worm that remains hidden in a container may infest the entire area.

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