Grease always finds ways to stick to the most difficult surfaces. If you have walls painted with washable dye, you know very well what we are talking, especially if we talk about kitchen. How much fat jump on the ceiling and walls near the stove? See how to get rid of these nasty fat stains from washable paint.

Vinegar removes old grease
If you have any old grease stains on walls painted with washable colors, white vinegar is your best friend. Although it is called washable paint, this paint doesn’t allow washing with very aggressive detergents because you risk ruin color intensity, or to remain with hard to remove wall shadows.

Prepare a mixture of 50% white vinegar and 50% warm water and carefully rub, then dab with a dry cloth immediately, because if you leave the paint to dry, you risk unsightly stains.

Baking soda do wonders with oil recently spilled on the walls
If grease spots are not very old, a paste of baking soda and water do wonders. Apply the paste in thick drops over spilled oil and leave it to dry. Easy clean the baking soda crust and grease will be removed.

For wallpaper, you need starch
If you have walls papered with washable wallpaper in the kitchen, you can apply a paste of cornstarch and water. Leave starch paste to dry and fat will easily peel off the washable wallpaper.

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