There is no doubt that cockroaches are disgusting, and when they occur in your home, you should take urgent measures. Not only they are obnoxious, but cockroaches can spread diseases or generate allergies.

Health problems caused by cockroaches

Cockroaches can spread over 30 different bacteria, 7 pathogens, E. coli, salmonella, parasitic worms. Because of the cockroaches you can have problems with diarrhea and diphtheria. Also, cockroaches can generate asthma, gastrointestinal problems and urinary tract infections.

How to get rid of cockroaches

Removing cockroaches using chemicals may be a solution, but these substances are toxic for both humans and animals. Not to mention that many species of cockroaches have developed immunity to these substances, making them ineffective.

Cockroaches need warmth, humidity and food. So, one of the first ideas to get rid of them is to stop their access to those three elements.

Borax balls

This recipe uses boric acid powder, considered safe for humans and pets. Boric acid will affect the cockroaches’ skeleton, dehydrating it by acting as a poison.

You need:

– egg yolk
– 30-50 g of boric acid powder
– latex gloves

How to prepare:

Mix the egg yolk with boric acid powder until a thick paste results.
Put your gloves on.
Make balls of 1 cm diameter.
Wait until the balls get dry. After about an hour they are ready to use.

Place these balls in areas were you notice cockroaches. The effects will be seen after 24-72 hours, but the entire process will take up to 3-4 weeks.

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