Moth worms or, more specifically, the larvae of moths, are the immature stage of a moth, the stage between egg and adulthood. Larvae tend to find the way to clothing and food chambers easily, causing chaos in both zones.

In both cases, cleaning and applying intense heat are the best friends in the fight clothes worms, larvae and eggs.

1. Check your clothes.

Remove all the clothes from the infested closet and examine it carefully. Moth worms eat fabric. In fact, these worms are rather responsible for the holes in your clothes than adult moths. Throw away the affected clothes.

2. Clean the area.

Vacuum the closet and each drawer separately. Moth worms are usually found in dark places, so you must pay special attention to those dark corners. Spray a disinfectant and wipe each shelf and drawer with warm water and detergent.

3. Wash your clothes in hot water.

Hot water kills moths and worms and it’s the safest way to remove any egg or small larvae hidden among your clothes. The water should reach about 48 ° C, to be fully effective.

4. Freeze your clothes.

Some clothes, for various reasons, can’t be washed in hot water. Wrap your clothing in plastic bags, preferably large plastic bags that can be sealed. Place them in the freezer and leave them there for 24 hours. Remove them and wash them as usual.

5. Wrap your clothes in plastic packaging.

After you have killed any remaining moth and worm, you can put your clothes in plastic packaging. Use plastic bags that can be sealed, making the occurrence of moths through your clothes impossible.

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