Adult carpet beetles are often carried into houses via plants and flowers, so regularly checking gardens and flora around homes and buildings may eliminate the risk of infestation.

Cleaning out collections of lint, hair, dead insects, and other debris by vacuuming helps remove the food sources of larvae and may also kill any beetles already nesting in carpets.

Checking window screens, doors, and vents for durability and removing spider webs, dead animals in vents and attics, and various nests inside and around buildings are effective deterrents, as well.

Wash your fabrics in hot, soapy water to make sure you get rid of carpet beetles, their larva, and their eggs. Like many pests that feed on animal waste (by waste, we mean remains), carpet beetle eggs are incredibly resilient.

You’ll need to get all of the clothes and fabrics you think are infested into hot water and soap right away. Use the pre-wash just to make sure you get everything.

Boric acid powder is great stuff. It kills just about any insect that comes into contact with it, yet it’s almost completely harmless to humans.

Boric acid is a naturally occurring compound mined in primarily in the Southwest of the U.S.A. The only thing you want to watch out for is the possibility that you might end up bleaching the fabrics you’re treating with boric acid.


Carpet beetles don’t eat paper or synthetic carpet. They feed on organic matter – they are probably just moving about and getting into the papers rather than feeding on them. They do feed on animal hair so if you have pets it’s just another reason to get out the vacuum and the boric acid powder more often. Good luck!

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