Here is everything you need to know about bed bugs. Learn how to get rid of them with natural methods that proved to be quite effective.

1. Bed bugs can survive anywhere. When they think about bed bugs, most people think of hotels and hostels, but the truth is that they can be found everywhere: apartments, hospitals, office buildings, theaters, trains, buses, even in clothing stores.

2. It is said that bed bugs bite only at night. FALSE, they bite anytime, but are more active at night, when the victim does not feel the bite, and the feeding process may take more than 10 minutes.

Bed bugs feeding process

3. Bed bugs occur only in dirty homes! FALSE, bed bugs can occur anywhere, cleaning the infested space helps (because they have nowhere to hide) but it’s not the actual cause of infestation.

4. Bed bugs can’t be seen with the naked eye! FALSE, bed bugs are very small, but can be easily observed with the naked eye. Young bed bugs have the size of a poppy seed, and the adults are about the size of an apple seed.

5. If you have bite marks on the body, most likely you have bed bugs! FALSE, other insect bites may resemble to those of bed bugs. Only the presence of bed bugs in the room will confirm the infestation.

6. If you have bed bugs, you must throw away the infested clothes and furniture. FALSE, clothes and furniture can be disinfected if treatment is done by professionals.

7. Bed bugs do not spread contagious diseases! TRUE, bed bugs do not spread and do not cause disease, but some people can have allergic reactions to their bites.

8. Bed bugs can’t fly or jump.

9. Bed bugs can only be found on beds and mattresses. FALSE, bed bugs are generally found in the bed, but can be found wherever people are resting because they prefer damp and warm areas.

10. Bed bugs can survive for months without feeding.

Fortunately, there are several natural remedies to solve this problem and to rest in a clean and healthy bed again. Want to know how to proceed?


Vaporization is one of the most simple and effective ways to permanently eliminate these insects because bed bugs can’t stand high temperatures.
Apply hot steam (50ºC or more) on the mattress, bedding, lining, curtains and other objects in the bedroom.

Ground turmeric

Due to its high concentration of curcumin, its active compound, ground turmeric is a potential enemy of bed bugs.
This ingredient and its incredible anti-microbial effect destroy the propitious environment of these insects, thus facilitating their eradication.

Turmeric works by removing the oxygen supply of these nasty insects, leading to their death or to their migration to a different location. While it may seem surprising, turmeric is an ally in the process of eliminating these parasites.


High temperatures help remove the insects nested in mattresses, sheets and blankets.
For this, a temperature over 32ºC is required. Thus, a solution is to put the mattress in direct sun rays.


Peppermint oil gives off a smell that drives away small insects because it causes strong allergic reactions.
This natural remedy is ideal to remove bed bugs from the bedroom, garden and pet fur.

Another great option is the essential oil of lavender, which has a similar effect to that described above. Before using these oils, make sure your family members are not allergic to their intense fragrance.


Cloves have a strong odor that can banish almost any insect. Generally, they are used in the garden to ward off ants, but can also be used to eliminate bed bugs.

Rubbing alcohol

These insects can’t tolerate acidic environments, so the rubbing alcohol is a very effective remedy against them.
Put the product in a spray bottle and apply it on the bed and in any other areas you suspect these bugs are hiding.
This is a constant process and needs to be repeated every 6 or 7 days.

After application, you must leave the mattress and bed linen to ventilate.

Vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming is one of the most popular methods to get rid of various insects and mites, as it penetrates into cracks and holes where these pests hide.

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