These little bugs will eat decomposing plants and wet leaves. Thus, if you have potted plants, they will invade them. Mostly because moisture is their favorite environment. That’s how you get earwigs in your house. But don’t worry, follow these easy and safe methods to get rid of earwigs naturally.

1. Oil pit traps

You can make a trap to get rid of earwigs infestation. All you have to do is to place some tin cans in places you find them. Then fill half of it with vegetable oil and soy sauce. The soy sauce will attract the earwigs, and the oil will prevent them from escaping. This way, you will attract the earwigs, they’ll crawl in and drown.

2. Shoebox trap

Use a shoebox by making some entry holes on the outer sides. Add a thin layer of oatmeal in that box and close it. Leave it around your home and the earwigs will get in there. That’s how you collect them so you could further discharge them.

3. DIY solution

You could also resort to solutions that kill them instantly. Thus, make a homemade cleaner with water, vinegar and dish soap and you will successfully get rid of them.

4. Sprinkle borax

When you discover the areas with earwigs infestation, sprinkle borax. Not only you will eliminate them, but it will also keep them at bay. They won’t come back. You should also make sure to keep pets and children away from this area after doing so.

5. Prepare an insecticidal spray

The most effective solution is ethanol. In order to prepare this insecticidal spray, you should mix equal parts 70 percent alcohol and water. Then, spray it over the infected areas and watch your problems go away!

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