Specialists recommend to clean the pillows every 6 months regardless the fabric they are made of, including the feather cushions. Here’s how you can wash them as easily and how to keep them in good condition over the years.
During sleep, we sweat a lot, and a great amount of sebum gets on the pillow, including the inside of the pillow. Feather and feather cushions are the most appreciated and softest, but are harder to maintain. But here are some tips that will help you!

How to wash the pillows with feathers in the washing machine

It is advisable to buy feather pillows especially made to be washed in the washing machine, to a delicate laundry program.

You have to be careful what program you choose in the washing machine so that the cushions are not rotated and squeezed at a high speed. Choose a program that uses only prewash and wash without squeezing. It is much better to squeeze them with your hand by pressing slowly over to drain the water.
Then leave them dry on a grate and turn them from time to time on the other side. Once they begin to dry, you can beat them lightly to distribute feather flakes.

How to clean the non-washable pillows

Over time, skin grease and sweat penetrate the pillowcases and the feathers inside. It would be advisable to have the three-sided cotton-satin cushioned pillow in order to protect better the delicate stuffing from the pillow.
But once or twice a year you have to wash them. Fill the bathtub with warm water and put some liquid detergent for delicate laundry and leave the cushions to soak. The water doesn’t have to be hot, because it will destroy the fluff. Hand-wash them as much as you can, rubbing the sweated areas with a damp cotton towel.

When rinsing, use water with vinegar to eliminate all unpleasant odors and let the pillows dry outdoors in the sun, beating them occasionally to uniform the filling.

When you should change your pillows?
After 3 or 4 years, any pillow should be changed, even if it was well-kept. But how do you figure it out? It’s simple! Bend the pillow halfway and, if it doesn’t return to its original shape, it means that it is no longer firm enough and fluffy for a restful sleep.

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