Suede shoes seem very hard to care for, at first sight, but if you use the following tricks, it would be just a piece of cake. You have to admit that suede shoes, with their velvety aspect, are more elegant and beautiful.
After each wearing, suede shoes should be cleaned with a soft clothing brush. No matter their color, dust will install between suede, and if is not removed periodically, stains will be harder to clean.

If you dirt your suede shoes with mud, leave the mud to dry, and then clean it with a soft brush. Finally, if the shoes still look dirty, clean them with a soft, dry cloth. The fabric will regain its velvety appearance.
Sandals are usually made from a softer fabric, and you should use a soft toothbrush to clean them, to protect the fabric and to clean it efficient.

Grease stains and suede shoes

It is true that grease stains are hard to clean, and the oldest grease stains, seem impossible to clean, but there are some solutions for that. New and superficial grease stains are wiped gently with a cloth soaked in vinegar, and then allow them to dry. Finally, clean with a rubber.

If there are older and bigger grease stains, clean with a fine, well moistened sponge in dish detergent to degrease well. Allow to dry and rub the shoes with a soft brush.

Use fragrant powder
Periodically, suede shoes or sandals should be sprinkled with a generous layer of menthol talcum powder, and then brushed with a soft brush. The powder has the role of attracting moisture from the fabric and removing dust better.
On the other hand, menthol talcum powder will perfume the inside of your shoes and your feet will also be scented.

Hope these information are useful for you!

Image Credits: Hespokestyle

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