During winter, you wear daily your leather gloves. They are made of fine materials that get easily wrinkled and dirty. But in this article you will find how to care for your lovely leather gloves.

The leather gloves are best kept wrapped in a fine, clean piece of cotton. If you come home with your gloves wet, don’t dry them on a radiator or another heat source. It is enough to wipe them well with damp cotton cloth and allow them to dry at room temperature overnight.

How to remove salt stains
If the leather gloves have white traces of salt after using them to clean the snow, prepare a mild solution of water with vinegar and gently swab them in this solution. Vinegar will dissolve the salt. Then wipe the water off the gloves with a microfiber cloth and let them dry well on an absorbent cloth.

Mud or fat stains
If you have dirt your gloves with dust, mud or fat from the snack you’ve eaten on a take away, you should clean them with a solution made of lukewarm water and shampoo. You can also use a few drops of liquid dish detergent. Swab the stains with this solution until the dirt disappears and then rinse with a little water and vinegar. Finally, wipe with a cotton swab moistened in cold water and wipe the water well with a soft cloth.

Image Credits: Schwartz-vonhalen

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