The common mold is a fungus that forms in humid environments, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, especially during rainy periods. Beyond its unsightly appearance, mold is unhealthy for humans and animals, especially for those who have problems or are prone to respiratory diseases. The elimination of mold is simple and handy.
We’ll show you how to get rid of mold in the most inexpensive and efficient way using bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and vinegar – the substance that kills mold and disinfects effectively.

Most mold removal products contain bleach as the active ingredient. So why paying extra only for perfume when you need just bleach to kill mold?

Why you should use bleach

A bleach-based solution will help eliminate mold from smooth and non-porous surfaces. The ceramic tiles and their joints are easily cleaned with bleach. Also the bathtubs.

You will need

Bleach, obviously. The bleach is combined with cold water in a ratio of 1 to 10. For a proper use, pour the obtained solution in a spray bottle.

A few clarifications before proceeding

Read the label! Bleach is a very useful substance but it’s irritating. Avoid eye contact because it is very dangerous for them. Use gloves. Even diluted, bleach has the capacity to damage the skin. Use bleach in well ventilated areas. Bleach is a respiratory irritant so do not breathe it.

How to use

Wipe the area to be treated with bleach using a brush or a cloth. Spray the solution and let it act a few minutes. Rub with a cloth or brush (an old toothbrush is ideal for narrow spaces). Repeat as many times as needed (after a few minutes or the next day).

The vinegar touch

The smell of bleach is strong and persistent. To get rid of it and to complete the treatment properly, particularly for the walls where bleach solution is most effective only on the surface, spray white vinegar (after applying the bleach treatment). Let it dry, ventilate the area and enjoy a room without mold!

Please share this cheap and effective method to get rid of mold if you find the information useful for others!

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