The role of a dishwasher is to clean dirty dishes, spearing you from this greasy effort. Sounds great for each housewife, but the thing you probably didn’t know is that you have to clean and disinfect the dishwasher periodically if you want this appliance to last longer.

Hard water contains high concentration of calcium and magnesium which will form a build up inside the dishwasher, leaving behind residues which will ruin the appliance over time.
Well, given these circumstances, you have to apply an intense dishwasher decalcification at least once a month, or depending on how often you use this appliance.

The next decalcification process is recommended by professionals and, besides removing hard water deposits will also disinfect completely the dishwasher.

So, you will need:

– 1 bottle of vinegar
– plastic cup

Pour 2 cups of white vinegar in a plastic cup, and then place the vinegar on the bottom of the rack. This way, the dishwasher will spray the vinegar solution throughout the empty tub, getting into direct contact with the calcified walls, removing any hard water deposit.

After pouring the vinegar in the washer, close the door, and select the normal wash cycle. Now, wait until the process is complete.

Afterwards, open the dishwasher door and leave it like this, overnight if it’s possible, to air out the vinegar odor.

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