Over the years, any bathtub, no matter how resistant is, gets a yellow aspect because of the limestone, soap and grease residues. Whether you have a cast iron bathtub or a modern acrylic bathtub, here are some inexpensive solutions to bleach the tub without too much effort!

Old cast iron bathtubs are best cleaned with acid-based solutions such as vinegar that dissolves limestone deposits without affecting white enamel.

How to proceed?

Pour at least 500 ml of wine vinegar into a spray bottle and put a mask on your mouth and nose if you can’t stand the smell.
Spray vinegar on the walls of the bathtub and insist over the limestone stains. Use a bigger quantity of vinegar, if half a liter is not enough, and make sure that all dirt deposits are soften well.

Vinegar and dishwashing detergent, the best solutions to clean the bathtub
Leave the vinegar to act for several hours or overnight. Being a strong acid, it will dissolve the limestone, and the next day you can easily clean the dirt using a sponge and dish detergent for dishes to degrease the fat. Repeat the operation a few times if the dirt persists.

After you rinse the tub well, use Windex and a dry cloth to make it shiny as new.

How to clean the acrylic bathtub
Modern acrylic bathtubs are easier to maintain thanks to the glossy, pore-free surface that doesn’t adhere to grease and limescale. But they also become dirty over if they are not maintained in a good shape.

Good quality acrylic is tough and scratch-resistant. So you can clean these tubes with light abrasive sponges if limescale or rust deposits appear. But it is best to use abrasive materials with caution!
You can bleach the acrylic bathtub with dishwashing detergent, but also a diluted solution of chlorine and 5 parts of cold water is very effective. Use gloves and protective mask every time and leave the bath window open, not to inhale chlorine vapors. If you use dishwashing detergent, carefully read the label not to contain acetate that attacks the glossy acrylic surface.

Ammonia removes yellow spots
The yellow spots that appear on acrylic bathtubs can be removed with an ammonia solution. Mix ammonia and water in a spray container, use the solution on the entire surface of the bathtub and let it act for 5 minutes.
Then wipe the tub with a soft cloth and warm water. If some stains persist, continue to use liquid dish detergent. At the end, you can make your bathtub shine with a window solution, and it will look like new.

Image Credits: Miraclemethod

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