You didn’t mean to. We know. But you spilled wax on the carpet. It happens. However, you don’t have to stress over it. There are safe methods you can try to take the wax out of your carpet. Namely, 2 highly effective methods. You could choose the one you feel more confident with. They both are foolproof methods to get rid of the wax from your carpet. Keep on reading and check them out.

First Method – Freezing it out

1. Freeze it

How this works out? Place a bag of ice over the stain to harden it and solidify it. This way, you will make it easier to get rid of it. When it is completely solid, you should remove the bag and set aside. The goal is to get the stain as cold as possible with whatever you have handy and apply it to the wax. Let it act even more until you are completely sure it froze.

2. Scratch it off

Now that you are sure the wax stain froze, use a butter knife to scratch it off. You could get more successful this way. However, if you can’t get it all off, don’t worry. That’s fine. You could try the second method.

3. Spray the area with a cleaner

Nevertheless, if the previous step actually worked, you can continue here. The next step would be to use a cleaner. You could use a carpet spray or cleaning solvent, whichever works for you. If you still have any stains left, remove the wax on the carpet with rubbing alcohol. After this, try blotting with a clean rag and fresh water to remove any leftover residue.

4. Vacuum the area

After everything you have done, your carpet needs to be refreshed a bit. So vacuum the area and return it to the texture it was, originally.

Second Method – Get the wax on the carpet warmer

1. Warm it up

The wax on the carpet should get warmer? I know, it sounds insane. However, there’s a trick to it. First, you need a brown paper bag to put over the wax stain. Place a towel on the part of the bag that’s not on top of the stain. You’ll be moving the bag as the wax saturates it and don’t want to spread the mess any further.

2. Use a warm iron

You don’t need it to be too hot, nor at a steam setting. You just want the heat.

3. Iron the area

Now, iron over the paper bag, as you would normally do. This way, the wax will absorb onto the paper bag and out of the carpet. As it saturates, slide it out onto the towel, exposing the wax to a new part of the bag that’s not covered in wax. Move to a clean part of the paper bag as the spot is saturated. Don’t leave the iron on any spot for too long. When the stain stops appearing on the paper, lift it up carefully and see what you’re left with. If there’s more wax to be gotten, repeat. It should all come up eventually.

4. Rub

Rub any remaining stains with rubbing alcohol. Place a cloth over the stain and reapply the iron with the steam setting on. The dye should seep into the cloth and away from the carpet.

5. Spray the area with a cleaning solvent

You can then either take a cloth to it to blot it or lay the cloth on top of the sprayed area and iron it with the steam setting on, just the same as you would with the rubbing alcohol in the aforementioned step.

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