Summer is knocking on the door and the mosquitoes will immediately begin to fool around inside your house and backyard.

Because we all like to relax in the yard without the company of uninvited guest, the nasty mosquitoes, today you’ll learn how to make a mosquitoes trap in only 5 minutes. Ingredients are handy, so this trap is neither difficult nor expensive, but I assure you it’s quite effective.

You need:

– 2-liter plastic bottle
– a knife
– 200 ml of warm water
– 50 grams of sugar
– a pinch of yeast
– a piece of paper, food wrap or aluminum foil

How to make the mosquito trap:

1. Take the plastic bottle and cut a third of it (the top).

Plastic bottle before the massacre

Plastic bottle beheaded for a good reason

2. Pour 200 ml of warm water inside the plastic bottle. Immediately add 50 grams of sugar.

Pouring hot water

Adding sugar

3. After the water has cooled, add a pinch of yeast.

Adding 1-2 grams of yeast

4. Place the top of the bottle upside down over the mixture like in the picture. Make sure it doesn’t touch the mixture of water, so the mosquitoes could get inside the bottle.

5. Wrap this mosquito trap in newspaper, food wrap or aluminum foil, so that mosquitoes can’t see what’s inside.

Mosquito trap made from cheap ingredients and a plastic bottle

6. Place the mosquito trap where needed and wait.

How does it work?

The answer is very simple. The mixture of sugar water will attract mosquitoes into the trap. The yeast ferments because of the interaction with sugar and creates alcohol vapors.
The alcohol vapors will intoxicate the mosquitoes and they will be unable to get out of the trap. Unfortunately for them, they will fall into the water and there they will find their end.

This is a cheap and effective solution to get rid of mosquitoes quickly. Feel free to share this method with your friends.

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