Armed to the teeth with mops, brushes, towels and spray solutions, housewives start home cleaning. The house is turned upside down, but in the end the results are visible.

Mistake # 1: You wash the windows when the sun is out
The moment you see the sun out, you think is the ideal day to wash the windows. It is not like that. Being hot outside, the windows will dry too quickly and streaks will remain. The best time to clean windows is when it is cloudy outside. And if you want to be in tune with eco fashion, the best way to clean windows is by preparing 50 ml of vinegar combined with 500 ml of water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Use a microfiber cloth.

Mistake # 2: You rub too hard
When it comes to stains, housewives rub the problem area as hard as they can in the hope they will remove the stain. It is true that mineral water or soda are good for fabric and sofas and helps to remove the stains. Soak the cloth and rub gently. How do you see that cloth gets a little soiled, rinse or change it so it will be always clean.

Mistake # 3: You use furniture spray on the entire surface
According to polls, 99% of surveyed housewives said that they spread spray all over the furniture when cleaning dust. First, doing so you consume more product. Secondly, until you get to clean the whole surface, cream prints on wood, it dries out, it becomes sticky and difficult to spread. Depending on the product used, stains may remain. It is best to spray the contents of the cloth and then to start cleaning.

Mistake # 4: You rub the tub with abrasives
If you the tub with abrasives, tub will tarnish. Rather than use such substances once a week, better rub your bath tub every day with non abrasive detergents.

Mistake # 5: You wash the oven when it’s cold
We do not say that it needs to be hot, but if you wash the oven when it’s cold you’re doing a wrong thing. After you have prepared something in the oven, leave it to cool slightly (10-15 minutes) then spray a non-abrasive substance (or a homemade paste of baking soda and water). Let it act 20 minutes, then scrub with a plastic brush or cloth and rinse with a sponge. If you have no time or desire to clean up after you’ve prepared something in the oven, when you decide to wash it, heat it to 250 degrees and then apply the above procedures.

Mistake # 6: You vacuum animal hair
If you have a pet and you get used to vacuum to get rid of its hair, you’re making a big mistake. You do nothing than to scatter it back. For surfaces such as flooring ant tiles it is indicated to use an electrostatic mop. For soft surfaces (carpets, sofas and armchairs), brushes and adhesive rollers are indicated.

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