Every time you store your suitcases unproperly, they will tend to get musty smells. This is an inconvenience because the odors will transfer to your clothes when you are traveling. Thus, you need to get rid of those musty smells before you use your suitcase. When in need, check out these 7 tricks, you will thank me later.

1. First, vacuum

Before taking any heavy action, you need to vacuum the interior of your suitcase. Thus, use a crevice attachment to get rid of the debris, dust or any crumbs left. For the areas your vacuum can’t reach, use your fingers and get it as clean as possible.

2. Use a mild cleaning solution

Dissolve a half teaspoon of liquid dish soap in one cup of warm water. Soak wet a soft cloth and wring it out so you could be able to slightly damp the inside of your suitcase. Thus, make sure your cloth isn’t too wet.

3. Dry the interior carefully

With a clean towel, dry the interior of your suitcase, blotting up any wet spots. Then, let it air dry as long as it is necessary.

4. Use an odor-absorbing material

Here, you have some great and natural choices such as fresh ground coffee, baking soda or active charcoal. These ingredients work equally well. Your decision will be made based on whichever you’re most comfortable with. Thus, you need to sprinkle all over the interior any one of those choices, close the suitcase and let it act for about a week.

5. Clean out the material

After the period of a week, open your suitcase and check that the smell is gone. Then, dump everything in the garbage and vacuum up the residues.

6. Spray it with vinegar and water

Combine white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and apply the solutions in the inside of your suitcase. Leave the suitcase open and let the vinegar and water solution air dry. You could also use lemon juice if the vinegar smell is too strong for you.

7. Prevent musty smells with proper storing

Now, that you got rid of those musty smells, keep it fresh in storage. You could use a dryer sheet or an opened bar of soap in the suitcase when you store it. Also, you could place cedar or pine shavings inside when you store it. These will absorb smells and the moisture that leads to the musty smell.

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