You think you have a clean house? Think it over! You’ll be surprised how many dirty places you have in the house, without even realize. Here are the of germs “vacuums” from your home.

1. Dishwasher

Why should you wash the dishwasher? Water and detergent just pass through it daily, right? Well, in the dishwasher does not pass only water and detergent but also food residues that are “hiding” where they can. With time, washing machine starts to smell bad and to be less effective.

2. Door handles and switches

They are most commonly used household objects; you touch them dozens of times a day. Statistics say that switches and door handles are among the dirtiest places in a home. The solution is to clean them regularly with disinfectant.

3. The refrigerator condenser

Experts say you should vacuum refrigerator condenser every 6 months. In this way you prolong its life and you eliminate about 70% of the risk of not function properly.

4. Cushions

In two years, the accumulation of dust and mites can double the weight of a pillow. A mattress reaches its double weight in 10 years. If you can not wash your pillows it should be good to throw them after two years.

5. Computer Keyboard

Fat, dust, crumbs. All come under the keys. According to some studies, the computer keyboard has more bacteria than the toilet bowl.

6. Phone

Each square centimeter of your phone has 20,000 germs, making it dirtier than a dog’s bowl or the toilet bowl.

7. Remote control

You know for sure that a remote control from a hotel is one of the dirtiest objects. But is your remote different? You wash your hands before using your remote control, for example? Have you ever put your hand on the remote control, after you coughed or sneezed? If so, be sure your remote control is full of germs.

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