We know why we made the choice to get linoleum floors. They are shiny, sturdy and durable. However, we didn’t think further when it comes to cleaning them. Even more, when these floors are properly cleaned and taken care of, they can last nearly 50 years. So, let’s proceed straightforward. Get back your shiny linoleum floors in the kitchen by following these cleaning and maintenance steps.

Step 1. Sweep the dirt away

Sweep or dust mop your linoleum floor to remove excess dirt on the floor’s surface. Focus on collecting dirt from areas underneath cabinets, cupboards, and appliances.

Step 2. Use a natural cleaning solution

Thus, fill up a large bucket about half of the way with lukewarm water. Mix in equal parts of white vinegar. The exact measurements of the water to vinegar ratios are rather loose because most linoleum floors do not need an entire bucket’s worth of cleaning solution to clean the floor surface. So tread carefully.

Step 3. Mop it till shiny

Dip a mop into your cleaning solution, and thoroughly wring out excess solution. Your mop should be damp, rather than dripping wet. Mop the floor in sections, working in about 4-6 square foot areas for each dip of the mop.

Step 4. Rinse everything thoroughly

After you have mopped the whole floor, dump out the bucket of cleaning solution and water, and thoroughly rinse out the mop with clean water. Refill the bucket of water with cool, clean water and repeat the previous step.

Step 5. Dry the floor

Wipe down the entire floor with a towel, cleaning cloth, or a terry cloth covered mop head.

Step 6. Use a polish for more shine

You should use a polish to get that luxurious shine. However, do not pour the polish directly on the floor. Instead, use a clean bucket to contain the polish. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction on the back of the polish to know how much you should be using.

Step 7. Apply the polish the smart way

To apply the polish to the floor, use a clean, damp mop, getting 1-3 coats in approximately 3-4 square foot areas. Allow each coat to thoroughly dry by wait approximately 30 minutes in between coats. Let the final coat of polish dry for approximately an hour before moving back furniture and walking on the floor surface.

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